• The Adventure Continues


    This Sunday we'll continue our study through the Book of Acts as we enter the second section of Acts, chapter eight. In Chapters 1-7, Luke writes about how the early faith of Christianity, as well as its early organization, began to spread locally, and how that applies to our lives today in our own personal lives at home, school, in our careers, and out and about in our everyday lives. Chapter eight opens the second section of Acts - chapters 8-12. In this section, Luke describes how early Christianity expanded from their local city out into neighboring cities. We'll be looking at what this looks like in the communities we engage. Beyond our hometown and personal lives, we'll be looking at how our faith grows, blossoms, and blesses others in our everyday interactions with people and agencies throughout our local, neighboring, communities.


    Service starts at 10am - come listen in!

  • Summer Film Series

    Short, thought provoking, videos about living a life deeply following the way of Jesus, followed by casual conversations. Perspectives and philosophies include topics suca as being eternal in a physical world, desires and needs, carrying baggage through life, revenge, seeing the world from different perspectives, and much more! These sessions are sure to stir up new thinking about life, thinking, and spiritual health!

    1130-1230 Sunday Mornings

    Led by Pastor Scott in the Sanctuary

    Alpha Film Series

    Ever wish there was a spiritual place you could just drop in and out of as time allowed, hang out with a group of open minded, faith filled people, and discuss ideas, ask questions, not be judged for any of it, and make good friends along the way? Then our Alpha Film Series gatherings are for you! Sundays, 1130am-1230pm & Wednesdays, 530-7pm. Just pick one & come hang out! I mean, if you don't, it'll be pretty boring...

  • A Place of Grace For All

  • Who We Are

    First Christian Church – Pleasant Hill is a non-denominational Christian church. We believe there is a God in Heaven, The Father who created all things. We believe Jesus is God’s Son and our Savior. We believe the Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit which has come into us. We believe the Bible is His Word and is thus true and authoritative. We believe the Church is His family despite its shortcomings. We believe God has saved us by His grace. And we believe God wants us to both serve and enjoy Him until His Son returns for us on some future day.

  • When and Where

    We meet for worship every Sunday morning at 10 AM
    with Bible study classes beginning at 11:30.

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