• Luke Section 4 ( 20 and beyond)

    January 2022

    10am Worship Service


    Join us as we continue our regular series studying the early ministry of Jesus the Christ.


    2020 was a year of change, challange, and choices. A year that at some points felt like it dragged on. At FCCPH, God has been on the move: From Staff and leadership team development to Remodeling and refirbishing of much of the facility, God has been working to lay a foundation for this year (2022), even amidst a COVID pandemic and its many varients, that has literally captured us all for the last (almost) 3 years . But wow - when we look back at the physical, emotional, mental, and especially spiritual growth of our Congregation, it's clear God continues His work, and 2022 WILL be. We look forward to the promises and work God has for us in 2022!


  • Who We Are


    First Christian Church Pleasant Hill

    A Place of Grace for All

    First Christian Church – Pleasant Hill is a non-denominational Christian church. We believe there is a God in Heaven, The Father who created all things. We believe Jesus is God’s Son and our Savior. We believe the Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit which has come into us. We believe the Bible is His Word and is thus true and authoritative. We believe the Church is His family despite its shortcomings. We believe God has saved us by His grace. And we believe God wants us to both serve and enjoy Him until His Son returns for us on some future day.

  • Community through Connection

    There is always a place for you!

    Sermon 2.0 Midweek Group

    Midweek Zoom Group, where we meet to hang out for an hour online, 7-8pm on Wednesday nights, and talk about the previous Sunday's Message, with leading questions facilitated by Barry Swan (Elderbarry) to keep the conversation deep and widely flowing!

    Compass Young Adults

    College to young adults are encourage to check out this in-person group, meeting the first and third Tuesday every month, This group is focusing on equipping and preparing young adults for the next part of their faith journey, through community in depth discussion and biblical discourse, as well as group activities.

    Nursery Ministry

    The rebirth of our Children's Ministry has begun! We are looking for two more people to be willing to watch the children one Sunday a month in the Nursery, to accommodate new (and existing) families as we continue to grow!

    If this is a place you can serve, please contact Jaime Davis by using the link below

    Landscape Ministry

    Currently, we are in need of people to pull out dead and dying lavender plants in the Garden of Grace, relocate a few plants, and freshen up the overall look of our front garden with a "Mt Diablo/native plants" kind of look (manzanitas, decorative grasses, sages, native flowers, etc). This ministry is still looking for a person/s to take the lead, but meanwhile you can connect with Pastor Scott and he'll give you some direction!

    Worship Ministry

    We are constantly on the lookout for musicians to help us build the live worship music team back at FCCPH. If you sing or play an instrument and would be willing to be part of a music ministry for Sunday Services, please connect with Kyle Giffin

  • Messages

    FCCPH Sunday Morning Messages

    Stones and Vineyards

    January 9th, 2022

    Building blocks and Harvest Fields

    Dedication, Adoption and Send off

    January 2nd 2022

    Identity is the starting point of our Destiny

    Year-End review

    Dec 26th, 2021

    A Look back at this year

    Emmanuel: God with us

    Luke 19 - December 19, 2021

    The Countdown to Christmas

    Wealth and Wonder

    Luke 18 - December 12,2021

    Guided to Glory

    Luke 17 - December 5, 2021

    God moves from His Old Covenant with humanity to His New Covenant

    Wise Men

    Luke 17 - November 28, 2021

    How to live to a life worthy of Wisdom

    A Little More Grace

    Luke 17 - November 21, 2021

    Jesus's Journey along the border


    Luke 17 - November 14th 2021

    Basic instructions before leaving earth

    Rich man and Lazarus

    Luke 17 - Nov 7, 2021

    Distracted by the Good, away from God

    Tricked or Treat

    Luke 16 - October 31st, 2021

    More than just for candy

    The Lost, The Found, the Loved

    Luke 15 - October 24, 2021

    Sheep are dumb, Coins are valuable, and sons are loved

    Disciple of Disciples

    Luke 14

    Whom do we follow in our Pursuit of Jesus

    The Broad and Narrow

    Luke 13

    Which path will you walk?


    Luke 13 Part 2

    The preferred standing with God

    Reset and Repent

    Luke 13:1-9

    Our lives are made of a pivotal moments, are you paying attention?

    Sign of the times

    Luke 12:49-59

    Be aware of where you're at

    Ready, Set, Go

    Luke 12

    Live a Rich Life

    Luke 12 - Aug. 29, 2021

    Worry and Greed are Married, but so are Generosity and Peace. Choose your life

    Your Life Matters

    Luke 11 - Aug. 22, 2021

    Part two of our discussion on Integrity

    Personal Intergrity

    Luke 11 - Aug 15th, 2021

    It doesn't matter who is in the room, Integrity counts

    Signs of Integrity

    Luke 11 - Aug 8th, 2021

    Integrity is the key to being faithful

    United in Faith

    Luke 11 - August, 1 2021

    Unity not uniform, Supportive not Enabling

    Peace, Purpose and Prayer

    Luke 11 Part 2

    3 P's of Following Jesus

    A Good Samaritan

    Luke Chapter 11

    Finding restoration in God's guidance and creation.

    Of Satan, Humility, and Understanding

    Luke 10 - July 11, 2021

    Of Satan, Humility, and Understanding

    Who is God at the table?

    July 4th, 2021

    Redefining our Perspective by focusing on God's

    Wisdom through experiences

    Luke 9

    June 13th

    The Gospel Kingdom

    Luke 9 - May 30th, 2021

    In Sickness and in Health

    Luke 8 - May 23

    Jesus's reaction to faith and command over the soul

    Danger in the Storm

    Luke 8 - May 16th, 2021

    Even in lifes danger's God is in Control

    Rise and Shine

    Luke Chapter 8 - May 8th, 2021

    Let your Light shine

    God Brings Growth

    Luke 8

    Conviction and Challenge for our true journey with Christ

    A Different Kind of Lazy boy - Reclining with Christ

    Luke 7 - April 25th

    Jesus ate with the Gentiles, Jews and Pharisees

    Are you him?

    April 18th

    Luke 7 Part 2 - God's revelations are influenced by the depth of our questions

    Jesus Responds

    April 11, 2021

    Luke Chapter 7 Part 1 Elders John and Barry

    Easter Sunday

    April 4, 2021

    Missionary Palm Sunday

    March 28th, 2021

    A Missionary look at that day Jesus rode into Jerusalem, go through His trials and crucifixion, that we might be redeemed through Him to come into His family and go out for the redemption of the world.

    Mission Mindset

    Local Missions of the Great Commission - March 21, 2021

    Special Message from Carrie Kikes, and the Daughters of the King.

    Gorilla Grace

    Luke 6 - March 14, 2021

    "We judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intent"

    Focal Point

    Luke 6 - March 7, 2021

    Focus on the Focus

    Oath vs LORD

    Luke 6 February 28, 2021

    LORD of the Sabbath and rest

    Dinner with Sinners

    Luke 5 Part 2 - February 21, 2021

    Jesus Calls who HE wants, not who we think He should

    Calling, Cleansing, and Carrying

    Luke 5 Part 1 - February 14, 2021

    How we approach Jesus is influenced by who is on our team

    Sinner and Saints in the Church

    Luke 4 Part 3 - February 7, 2021

    Authority and Grace

    Jesus Begins His Ministry

    Luke 4 Part 2 - January 31, 2021

    Jesus vs Wild

    Luke 4 - January 24, 2021

    Temptations and Trails

    John the Baptist

    The Gospel According to Luke - January 17, 2021

    Paving the way for the Bridegroom

    Jesus: The Early years, Part 2

    January 10th, 2021 - Luke 2:41 - 45

    Relatable, Relevant, and Reliable

    Jesus: The Early Years Part 1

    January 3rd, 2021 - Luke 2:21- 40

    Jesus the Word, the Alpha & Omega, Emmanuel - God with us


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