• Pastor Scott Williams

    Scott Williams has been an Associate Pastor at Morello Hills Christian Church for fourteen years, in professional ministry since 2004, and most recently has come on board as Lead Pastor at FCCPH in April of 2018. He has a Master's Degree in Christian Ministry and Global Issues, has worked full time with the homeless populations of Contra Costa County. This work includes founding a non-profit organization, Nomadic Communities, a rapidly deployable model of homeless communities of support and care. Pastor Scott also leads teams that travels the world addressing issues of poverty and social justice.

    Kyle Giffin - Youth and Young Adults Leader

    Kyle Giffin has been an Active Youth Ministry Leader In Martinez since his commitment to Christ in 2011, Professionally from 2015 to 2018. Kyle was elected as a Deacon at FCCPH. He has spent 3 years studying the Bible and Ministry Leadership through INSTE and New Hope Christian College. As well as having worked with the California Conservation Corps and FEMA in the USVI as the Deputy safety officer in 2017. Currently, Kyle is enrolled to receive his degree in Business. He has a burning passion for the development of new leaders young and old; and to 'help change the way people think about church' Kyle also partners with Trail Life and American Heritage girls to help lead and develop the Compass Young Adults group.